Polyurethane Fiberglass Sleeves

Polyurethane fiberglass sleeves are used where reliable heat resistance and dielectric strength is required. Manufactured by coating a fiberglass braiding with a layer of polyurethane varnish and then curing at high temperature to form polyurethane fiberglass sleeves. It provides excellent wiring insulation and softness for F grade electrical appliances, electrical instruments, and domestic appliances.


Polyurethanes are used in the manufacture of flexible, high-resilience foam seating; rigid foam insulation panels; microcellular foam seals and gaskets; durable elastomeric wheels and tires (such as roller coaster and escalator wheels); automotive suspension bushings; electrical potting compounds; high performance adhesives; surface coatings and surface sealants; synthetic fibers (e.g.,Spandex); carpet underlay; hard-plastic parts (e.g., for electronic instruments); hoses and skateboard wheels.


Fiberglass sleeves are manufactured by a modern continuous technological process. Internal diameter: from 0.5 to 24 mm. Disruptive voltage from 1 to 8 kV. The thermal resistivity is rated at grade F–155°C. Can be manufactured in wide variety of colors.


Our manufacturing process allows us to supply any hose in several coil lengths (50 m, 100 m and 200 m, depending on the size of the profile). One meter cut parts can be supplied on request.


Main field of application – electric-, heat- and mechanical insulation in the manufacture and repair of electric motors, transformers, electric welding units, electric machines, lighting fittings and household electrical appliances. These products are highly flexible. The surface is smooth, non-adhesive and allows easy mounting.